QST: Day Nine & Day Ten – Cold Turkey

Things are most definitely getting easier.  Besides the over reaching smell of nicotine that I just cannot shake no matter what I do.  Frankly I doubt it will ever fully disappear, since this place has seen years upon years of smokers.  I’m just hoping to get it down to a dull roar…barely noticeable.

I had a serious coughing fit last night, but my lungs seem clearer now.  Part of that might have been exercise induced.  My ears are still going numb, which is annoying, but it seems to have improved.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed lately, due to migraine headaches.  Not sure if its caused by my normal tree pollen allergy or if its partly due to the quitting.  My tree pollen migraines do not usually have me bedridden.  But that’s why the posts have come in twos lately. :)

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