Quitting Smoking Timeline - Day Three

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Day Three

Well, I've survived day three. Which is supposed to be the hardest day of quitting smoking. Boy, did I want one all day. The senior moments were pronounced today, couldn't seem to make anything stick. Thought was NOT the high point of the day.

The burning, itching and cramping that follows the replacement of the nicotine patch was still there last night, even though I did place it on my right arm vs my left. So far my skin reaction has been minimal, a little redness where the removed patch was, but that is fading within a day or so. No itching or burning after the first hour or so after replacing the old nicotine patch with a new one.

The hardest part of this is not really knowing what to do at certain points of the day. Getting over the physical memory of smoking is rather difficult for me. The cravings I can ignore, but the constant looking for my pack of cigarettes after doing certain tasks is wearying. Its almost like rebuilding your life.

Quitting Smoking Timeline

8am - Woke up with a horrible migraine. Not sure if its allergies or what.

2pm - Finally crawled out of bed. Migraine mostly gone.

6:33pm - Goodness, am I lethargic! I have no motivation to do much of anything, I just want to sit on my rear and surf the web. Or go back to bed, either seem decent. My energy levels are nill.

6:58pm - My lungs are starting to feel heavy and painful. I'm also coughing alot, and moving seems to increase the frequency. And when I do cough, boy does it hurt! I can feel it pulling from the bottom of my lungs. I'm not coughing anything up though.

9:24pm - Having a few pains in the lower region of my lungs. I sure hope this is all worth it! Finally breaking out of the lethargy and getting some work done, although at a much slower pace then normal.

2 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes and 4 seconds smoke free.

59 cigarettes not smoked.

$19.50 and 10 hours of your life saved.

Your quit date: 4/7/2009 2:21:00 AM
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  1. Ha ha I hope your start smoking again :D

    1. You're an ass. I hope you win the lottery and spend a whole day dreaming of what you will do with your millions. Then when you go to cash in, you get stung by a wasp, go into shock, die in a gutter, and a truly deserving homeless person cashes in using your discarded ticket. Back to hell you demon. I'll be waiting for you.

    2. You can't even spell, you're an idiot.

    3. Dumbass troll. Kill yourself loser.

  2. What a wanker you are - this person is trying to quit smoking and your being a jerk - grow up!! Or better yet as the other poster said go buy a lotto ticket and get stung by a wasp and .... Now my rant is over I hope the original poster is still smoke free or else dust yourself off and try again when your ready : )

  3. The first poster must have tried to quit and couldn't. Misery loves company......

  4. "Ha ha I hope your start smoking again :D" - twat.

  5. Are you still smoke free? I'm on day 3 and it sucks hard. I had this important meeting but my head was all foggy and I'm sure I looked lost.

    I want to smoke so bad, it's all I can think about. Tell me you're still smoke free, and tell me it's worth it.

  6. I'm still struggling honestly, but it IS worth it. Day three is the hardest by far. Are you using the patches? I ended up having the same problem of them making cravings worse. Good luck! :)

  7. You cant do it. The Nicotine is calling you back. It makes you look so cool

  8. Ah this is recent!
    Well I took champix to quit, and tbh day 1-9 wasn't too difficult in terms of nicotine cravings.

    But before you get annoyed, don't worry, the side effects of champix are so awful that overall I'll have a tougher time. Depression, fits of rage, black outs, Methane Permafrost Reactions in the gut, generally lost will to live.

    But we'll all survive it. Was hoping my boyish looks would return after a week, sadly i still look like crap and think smoking damage is permanent.

    Good Luck everyone. Pink Lungs all round!

  9. Quitting today. well last night. so far 17 hours with nothing. I am using 2mg gum. So far I feel excellent. Luck to all and positive thoughts of feeling better without them

  10. I read this book by Allen Car.The Easy WAy. I am on my 8th day. for some reason today was my most difficult, but not to the point where i felt i couldn't anymore.
    It feels good to be free.
    by the way I am not using any subsitutes. it feels great.

  11. Just found this blog as I'm on day 3. Using Allen Carr's book "the Easy Way," where you can't use substitutes. Having good times today and really bad ones where I start sobbing. I'm so sick of being in a cigarette prison where my free will is always compromised by cigs. I want to be free of cigs forever even thought the monster in my head is saying right now "how about just one?" NO NO No. This is so hard and wasn't it easy to get hooked!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for your post! I'm doing this quit thing too. Reading this blog got me through another craving. I'm on day 5 smoke free and am feeling similar things- especially the lack of energy. Best of luck to you! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Boom!! Im on day 3, (day 4 in 10 mins) its been hard, had no help atall, i would recoment the 69p (99cents) quit smoking app on the app store, when ever i get a craving i look at that and see how well im doing:) had alot of help off blogs on the internet and youtube diaries!! Id recomend the "quit smoking day ? Vlog" on youtube, but yeah, im gonna do it this time:) thanks to blogs like this!!

  14. I am on day 4. Day 1 & 2 with the patch. I tried not use the patch day 3 (trying to be tough) and all in all it wasn't so bad. Had some hard times, but made it. Not today!! Everything is annoying me and I shout a lot! Had to put on a patch, helping some. I feel I will make it through today, but barely! My wife is quitting with me by the way.....kicking & screaming all the way!! Thanks for the blog site....need some peer help! :)

  15. Patches plus e-cigarettes without the nicotine-
    If you haven't tried this method you are just punishing yourself !
    I have smoked 16 years and after using the two together have been smoke free for four days without a craving AT ALL . . Trick the mind with the fake cigarette, trick the body with a patch . . Xx good luck !

  16. I am on Day 3 of a cold turkey quit, I mus say today has been the toughest! I have been reading Alar Carrs book and paroozing (sp) around on (looks like an old school site, but it really has amazing content. I am doing it this time, I have quit in the past but never with such passion. I have learned that I do not like smoking, I just do it because not doing it is uncomfortable.

  17. Eekk im in day 5 and the cravings are still coming! Really moody the last 2 days and my parteners paying for it. 4 people including me are living in my house and the others still smoke! Im im really proud it would be easy for me to pick a smoke up and lught it but i dont. I have the odd moments of thinking 'hmm im young ill start when i get older' being 22 n all that.. I did start cold turkey but decided to give the patches ago i am now thinking after my last patch ( tomorrow ) i am going back cold turkey! Have to reach some point in cutting nicotine out all together :-) im replacing my cravings with chocolate but am atill working out real hard... Being at work isnt so bad im keeping busy and hiding behind the bins smoking aimt being missed.. Well not until the witch at work starts to talk to me... Day 3/4 deffos the hardest keep it up everyone!!

  18. Hi,
    On the late part of day 3...
    wanted to find something online to help me right now....I'm having a horrible craving...


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