Two Month Smoking Relapse

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After nearly seven months of being quit, I had a two month relapse due to stress, the holidays, etc. With the current cost of cigarettes, I ended up spending quite a bit of money that I really did not have, which as we all know only increased the stress levels. So here I go again, basically starting from scratch to quit smoking. I know I can do it though, since I was very successful for those seven months.

One thing relapsing taught me is that most of the physical complaints I had prior were from smoking. Smoking affected my stomach, causing me to be nauseous a lot; smoking affected my head, causing more headaches; and smoking definitely affected my energy levels. It even seems to make me more depressed, to worry more, and have higher anxiety levels. Odd, considering most smokers smoke to avoid such things and to take a break.

Time to walk back down the hard path to being smoke-free again! :)
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  1. Don't give up hope, Raiscara. You can still do it! Everyone has his or her own bump on the road. It's ok if you suddenly want do it again after a long time, but the next time the urge comes out again, try the healthier alternatives.

  2. You are so right. Many people continue smoking because they think it helps relieve stress and anxiety and headaches, but in truth it is the opposite. It only makes those things worse.
    Unfortunately we have to learn the hard way that smoking eats away at our health, our money, our happiness. Think of quitting as an investment in your future.

  3. I quit smoking two years ago. While it was hard (damned hard) at first, life has never been better!

  4. Hello! Have you considered an Electronic Cigarette? Ive been using one for about 3 months now and am down to the lowest possible nicotine amount. It was fairly painless to make the switch. My next batch of cartridges I get will be the 0 nicotine ones, then I hope to be off this whole thing for good! Good luck to you.


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