QST:Day One - Cold Turkey

70/365: today i quit smokingImage by isabel bloedwater via Flickr

Well, today was my first day going cold turkey after my relapse, and I actually have done pretty well all day. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t really been craving them, and save for an odd moment here and there I haven’t really been irritable. I’m actually milder then I am when smoking.

Though this morning was very disorienting. I was having a “Calamity Jane” day…where nothing was going right. But I got out and about, went boating with my family, and all in all had a great day. No one in my family really knows that I had a relapse, as I managed to keep it from them. That didn’t make me feel great either.

One thing that has been a big help today is cough drops. I don’t know what it is about them, but sucking on them has really helped keep me mellow. Maybe because they ease the tightness in the lungs? I really have no clue, all I know is it helps.

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