Quitting Smoking Timeline - Day Five

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Day Five

Last night I fell asleep rather quickly, after putting the nicotine patch on at about 11pm. By the time it was bedtime, I was more then ready to sleep. Had more very strange, very vivid dreams...although in some odd part of my brain they actually make sense. Guess I'm working out some issues in my sleep.

Spent most of today getting housework done, as I couldn't stand the smell of nicotine another minute. I think I have managed to cull the worst of it, but we shall see as the days progress. It helps that the days have been warm enough to open the front door, as part of it is probably the air quality (or lack there of) in here. My creativity seems to be up, although I still lack the motivation to do a lot. Hopefully the lethargy doesn't last much longer!

Quitting Smoking Timeline

12:45pm - Woke up late, but its getting earlier. Perhaps I'm nearing the end of this mess.

2:47pm - Eating is still my biggest issue. When I eat, I want a cigarette. But the physical withdrawal symptoms are lessoning. Unfortunately, all I can smell still is stale nicotine and cigarette smoke. Its disgusting. I'm really going to have to clean my tail off today!

4:36pm - Keeping busy is really helping with the habit of reaching for a cigarette. My head is starting to feel a bit clearer, though I'm still very tired, and I'm able to take deeper breaths. One thing that has been nice is not having that nasty after taste anymore! Should be able to cut back on how many times I brush my teeth now. My teeth feel pretty clean most of the day.

5:12pm - Having some pain in my chest region. Heartbeat is steady, so I think its just from overwork or heart burn. Much milder then what I got while smoking, could just be the crud burning out of my lungs.

9:11pm - Been dealing with another bout of exhaustion for the past couple of hours. Other symptoms seem to have settled down some. Cough making another appearance.

4 days, 18 hours, 57 minutes and 42 seconds smoke free.

96 cigarettes not smoked.

$26.00 and 17 hours of your life saved.

Your quit date: 4/7/2009 2:21:00 AM
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  1. I quit less than a month ago. Good luck - I hope it gets better. It has been easier for me once I made it two weeks. I am going to be happy when I reach my one month with out smoking. My date March 16th. (Notice that is around the first time the manufactures raise prices)

  2. Congrats! I keep hearing it gets better the longer you go, and I'm sincerly hoping so! Thanks for cheering me on. :)

  3. Are you quiting with patches, cold turkey or some other method? Barbara

  4. I am currently using the Nicoderm CQ patches, 21mg. I've tried cold turkey and the gum, and failed miserably with both. :)

  5. That is what I am using. I am lucky my jobs pays for the patches. There is also a natural patch that help with the side effects and you can wear it with the nicotine patches. My co-worker is going that route and it she is doing good.

  6. You are lucky! My insurance will pay for them, but they are the prescription ones, and I had a rather violent skin reaction to them the last time I tried. I almost swore off quitting! :)

  7. Wanted to tell you I love both your websites. I hope you keep going. I am single mother of 3 - who has recently had to really reduce my spending. Now I use coupons to save money. But I am looking for others ideals such as green cleaning, etc. to power up on saving.

  8. Thank you! My favorite advice to start you off is remove almost all of your cleaning products. You don't need them. :) The average household has too many. Use one good multipurpose (I use Simple Green) or just plain vinegar. :)

    You just reminded me of a post that I thought I had put on One Income Living...guess I didn't! :)

  9. Thanks, very good advice. I only will buy cleaners if it is free at Wags or CVS. But I am trying to become more greener. So I will follow those tips.


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