Week One Review

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Weekly Review

Frankly, I think I've had a fairly easy time of it this past week. I haven't had any serious cravings, haven't been too irritable, no one was in danger of losing their heads...a few quirks and some getting used to things. The not sleeping or sleeping all day thing though is annoying, but I think I could continue on without the patch.

But I'm not taking that chance just yet. While I think I could do it, I don't want to cut myself off, I'll wean as the patches suggest. I want to quit for good this time. I am noticing that I don't want cigarettes, I don't miss the taste or the smell, and I definitely don't miss that harsh feeling in my lungs. I could do without several of the side effects though, but I know that the longer I go, the easier it will be.

One interesting side effect is my sense of time. I actually feel like I have time, that there are far more hours in a day then there used to be. Of course this is mostly psychological, but its interesting. If I had to guess, I would have thought it would be the opposite. Its almost like every day is a lazy summer day.

I would never have thought I could have made it through not one but two shopping days with my Mom. They tend to be rather stressful events, but they were actually LESS stressful the past couple of times. Another odd time quirk perhaps?

The best thing is watching the money I'm saving grow. I use to track my quit. You can plug in how many cigarettes you smoke, how much a pack costs and it tracks your days quit, how much money you saved, and how much of your life you saved. So far I've almost saved an entire carton's worth of cash! There's something to seeing it in black and white that makes you take a step back.

In case you missed them, here are the first seven days, often referred to as Hell Week.

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